A selection of information resources prepared by the COSMOS-UK project are listed below.

Monthly summary of UK soil moisture status

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Peer Reviewed Publications

2016. J. G. Evans, H. C. Ward, J. R. Blake, E. J. Hewitt, R. Morrison, M. Fry, L. A. Ball, L. C. Doughty, J. W. Libre, O. E. Hitt, D. Rylett, R. J. Ellis, A. C. Warwick, M. Brooks, M. A. Parkes, G. M. H. Wright, A. C. Singer, D. B. Boorman, A. Jenkins, "Soil water content in southern England derived from a cosmic-ray soil moisture observing system – COSMOS-UK". Hydrol. Process., doi: 10.1002/hyp.10929.

2014. Fry, Matthew J.; Evans, Jonathan; Ward, Helen; Blake, James; Ball, Lucy; and Doughty, Louisa, "The Provision Of Data From The COSMOS-UK Soil Moisture Monitoring Network". International Conference on Hydroinformatics. Paper 56. http://academicworks.cuny.edu/cc_conf_hic/56


Stanley, S.; Antoniou, V.; Askquith-Ellis, A.; Ball, L.A.; Bennett, E.S.; Blake, J.R.; Boorman, D.B.; Brooks, M.; Clarke, M.; Cooper, H.M.; Cowan, N.; Cumming, A.; Evans, J.G.; Farrand, P.; Fry, M.; Hitt, O.E.; Lord, W.D.; Morrison, R.; Nash, G.V.; Rylett, D.; Scarlett, P.M.; Swain, O.D.; Szczykulska, M.; Thornton, J.L.; Trill, E.J.; Warwick, A.C.; Winterbourn, B. (2021). Daily and sub-daily hydrometeorological and soil data (2013-2019) [COSMOS-UK]. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. (Dataset). https://doi.org/10.5285/b5c190e4-e35d-40ea-8fbe-598da03a1185

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