The two tables below list the monitored and derived variables available from the COSMOS-UK network.


Monitored Variables


Recording Interval

Precipitationmm1 min
Absolute humidityg m-330 min
Relative humidity%30 min
Air temperature° C30 min
Atmospheric pressurehPa30 min
Incoming longwave radiationW m-230 min
Incoming shortwave radiationW m-230 min
Outgoing longwave radiationW m-230 min
Outgoing shortwave radiationW m-230 min
Wind directiondegrees30 min
Wind speedm s-130 min
3D wind speed datam s-130 min

Soil volumetric water content and temperature

(5, 10, 15, 25, 50cm depths) (TDT)

% and ° C30 min

Profile soil volumetric water content

(15, 40, 65cm depths) (IMKO)

%30 min

Profile soil temperature

(2, 5, 10, 20, 50cm depths) (STP)

° C30 min
Soil heat fluxW m-230 min
Snow depthmm30 min





















Derived VariablesUnitsInterval
'COSMOS' soil volumetric water content from the CRNS%Daily / hourly
Typical sensing depth of the CRNS (D86)cmDaily / hourly
Corrected neutron counts from the CRNScountsHourly
Net radiationW m-230 min
Potential evaporationmmDaily / 30 min
Atmospheric pressure at sea levelhPaDaily / 30 min
Soil moisture index (SMI)-Daily
Snow daysYes / NoDaily
Snow Water Equivalent from the CRNSmmDaily
Snow Water Equivalent from the SnowFoxmmDaily


For further information regarding these data and the instrumentation, please see the COSMOS-UK User Guide available from the Resources page.