16 November 2021COSMOS-UK data included in the UK Hydrological Summary for the first time in October 2021.
15 November 2021Regime bandings for COSMOS-UK data displayed in UK Water Resources Portal.
22 June 2021"Detecting Ground Level Enhancements Using Soil Moisture Sensor Networks" research paper led by A.D.P. Hands (Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey) makes extensive use of COSMOS-UK data.
14 May 2021RGB data available from COSMOS-UK 'PhenoCams'.
10 May 2021"Using data assimilation to optimize pedotransfer functions using field-scale in situ soil moisture observations" research paper utilising COSMOS-UK data, led by Elizabeth Cooper, is published online in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS).
28 April 2021"COSMOS-UK: national soil moisture and hydrometeorology data for environmental science research" data paper, describing the current COSMOS-UK hydrometeorological and soil dataset, is published online in Earth System Science Data (ESSD).
15 April 2021"Land‐Atmosphere Interactions Exacerbated the Drought and Heatwave Over Northern Europe During Summer 2018" research paper utilising COSMOS-UK data, led by Paul A. Dirmeyer, is published online in AGU Advances.
31 March 2021"Improving soil moisture prediction of a high-resolution land surface model by parameterising pedotransfer functions through assimilation of SMAP satellite data" research paper utlising COSMOS-UK data, led by Ewan Pinnington, is published online in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS).
9 February 2021COSMOS-UK data to 2019 published by the EIDC and available for download.
17 January 2021"Estimating snow water equivalent using cosmic-ray neutron sensors from the COSMOS-UK network" by John Wallbank et al. published in Hyrological Processes.
4-6 November 2020International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environment Systems. Keynote presentation for Theme 2: Agrometeorology by David Boorman on 'Establishing a national soil moisture mointoring network for the UK'.
8-10 October 20206th International COSMOS Workshop hosted by the CosmicSense DFG research group and Heidelberg University. Hollie Cooper, John Wallbank and David Boorman make presentations relating to COSMOS-UK.

7 September 2020

COSMOS-UK data to 2018 published by EIDC and available for download.
27 January 2020Snow water equivalent data set from COSMOS-UK data published by EIDC for period 2014-2019.
11 September 2019COSMOS-UK data to 2017 published by EIDC and available for download.
11 September 2019Many presentations at the Hydro-JULES meeting in London reference COSMOS-UK and its data.
September 2019For overall system operational reasons, it was decided to withdraw the deployment of the IMKO soil moisture profile sensors during planned maintenance visits in the period to March 2020. Note that at sites installed since March 2016 there is a depth profile of TDT point soil moisture sensors, and consideration is being given to similar profile arrays at sites from which IMKO sensors have been withdrawn.
September 2019COSMOS-UK data viewable alongside other data in the UK Water Resources Portal.
27 March 2019COSMOS-UK, and other CEH 'cosmos' activities, featured in UNESCO event hosted by Science Museum, London.
20 February 2019COSMOS-UK presentation to Sir Mark Walport, Chief Executive of UK Research and Innovation, during his visit to CEH Wallingford.
9 October 2018COSMOS-UK presentation at TERENO International Conference, Berlin, Germany.
2 October 2018Five years after the installation of the first COSMOS-UK site at Chimney Meadows, Hollie Cooper marks the occasion with a blog post on the CEH website.
12 September 2018James Blake presents COSMOS-UK at British Hydrological Society's 13th National Symposium, University of Westminster, London.
3 August 2018Major enhancement to COSMOS-UK website with many new ways to view data now available.
30 July 2018COSMOS-UK data to 2016 available for download via CEH Environmental Information Data Centre.
16 July 2018Live interview on BBC Radio Berkshire.
21 June 2018COSMOS-UK presents at UK Water Partnership Event, Wallingford.
1 February 2018Semi-automatic screening for snow lying introduced.
28 January 2018COSMOS-UK presentation at UK Irrigation Association Spring Conference.
1 January 2018Revised method introduced for processing of neutron counts from cosmos sensor to derive volumetric water content. 
31 December 2017COSMOS-UK has 45 operation sites at the end of 2017 with more to come in 2018.
5 September 2017COSMOS-UK data to 2015 available for download via CEH Environmental Information Data Centre.
24 January 2017COSMOS-UK Industry Workshop, Wallingford.
10 December 2016BBC R4 Farming Today feature on COSMOS-UK.
14 June 2016First COSMOS-UK site installed in Northern Ireland at Hillsborough, County Down.
1 February 2016COSMOS-UK Science Exploitation Meeting, Wallingford.
12 October 2015Presentation at UK Atmospheric Science Showcase, Cranfield University, Bedfordshire.
15 January 2015COSMOS-UK feature on BBC R4 Inside Science programme on the Food and Agriculture Organisation's International Year of Soils.
14 November 2014First COSMOS-UK site installed in Wales at Plynlimon, Ceredigion.
14 May 2014First COSMOS-UK site installed in Scotland at Glensaugh,Kincardineshire.
5-8 May 2014COSMOS-UK presentation at 4th COSMOS Workshop, Leipzig, Germany.
10 April 2014Presentation to Environmental Physics Group of the Institute of Physics as part of the group's visit to CEH Wallingford.
26 November 2013Display at Water Secuirty Knowledge Exchange Programme event, Westminster, London.
2 October 2013First COSMOS-UK site installed at Chimney Meadows, Oxfordshire, England.