To date the COSMOS-UK project has been focused on establishing the network, ensuring the quality and completeness of our data, and developing information services.

A short-term goal is to fully understand how to derive volumetric water content from the neutron counts produced by the cosmic ray soil moisture sensor, and to better understand the footprint of the sensor and the sampling depth. In addition, we need to consider correcting derived soil moisture for water that is reported as being in the soil, but that is in fact above ground, for example in puddles, as snow or contained in vegetation.

We will also explore how measurements from the cosmic-ray sensor relates to other measurements of soil moisture, including those from our own point sensors.

We look forward to when our data sets span several seasons, as this will allow us to properly understand the soil moisture regime at all of our sites.

As well as undertaking research within the COSMOS-UK project, we hope to provide data to others who identify possible research opportunities. Many of these require the same long-term data set as we do, but we have supplied data to many users and hope to report on their research in the future.

We aim to provide more information on research activities as it becomes available so please visit again and/or contact us directly.